Advanced Industrial Analytics for Manufacturing

Plant Insights generates actionable KPIs for industry

Achieve and measure true operational excellence with powerful no-code analytics and visualization.

Impact of AI-driven KPIs and data analytics

  • 20%

    Reduction in equipment downtime by implementing analytic predictive maintenance AI strategies.

  • 4-5%

    Average Increase in energy efficiency and throughput for plant machinery.

  • 77%

    Large manufacturing firms deploying AI analytic use cases​ to improve enterprise operations.

Generate Actionable KPIs with Plant Insights

Boost production and efficiency with advanced analytics and AI

Generate Actionable KPIs with Plant Insights
Plant Insights from SymphonyAI

Empower users of all levels to remain informed about plant operations through real-time AI-driven KPI monitoring, insight, and awareness with a collaborative, tailored, and feature-rich user portal.

This unified interface: enhances transparency for key generative statistics, predictive analysis, and actionable user alerts derived from IRIS Foundry’s accurate and real-time data; accelerates time-to-value and simplifies complex steps in configuring KPI solutions; and allows users to explore and experience KPIs through flexible, interconnected, and fully customizable asset widgets.

With Plant Insights, operational obstacles and bottlenecks become instantly avoidable through actionable recommendations created using out-of-the-box KPI definitions and visualizations, pre-built industry-specific physical models, and intelligent physics & engineering calculations. Tailor no-code KPIs and analytics formulas with a drag-and-drop tool interface, facilitating seamless KPI and insight generation.

Data operations and AI analytics: Plant Insights role in AI strategies for manufacturing

Gain actionable insights and issue predictive maintenance alerts, automate complex processes with out-of-the-box analytics calculations and processing, simplify data operations and integrations, and optimize quality control over enterprise data.

Stay ahead of plant operations with real-time KPI monitoring and instant worker alerts equipped with all contextual information accessible through a unified interface.

Built on top of IRIS Foundry, Plant Insights utilizes a pre-built analysis engine with extensive domain knowledge libraries to predict issues, identify root causes, and prepare proactive solutions for daily plant operations.

Track interdependencies and understand how KPIs contribute and affect one another. Drill up or down through single clicks to quickly identify root causes of an issue and empower self-service analysis across the entire organization.

Monitor the health score of an entire plant or a single asset or workflow process over time and at any desired level of detail, unlocking actionable plant insights with comprehensive supporting data.

faster insight generation industrial plant insights

Employ cutting-edge deep learning and generative AI technologies to provide immediate benefits by automatically analyzing root causes and predicting potential issues before they arise.

Utilize advanced AI through industry-tailored ML engines, physical models, and engineering calculations to enrich industrial data analytics by instantly deriving actionable, high-value plant insights, predictions, inferences, and solutions.

insight generation

Improve engagement, utility, and value of plant data through advanced and dependable industry-leading Industrial Copilots. Using generative AI and natural language queries in user-preferred languages, effortlessly engage and explore all enterprise data from one intuitive tool.

Investigate alerts by generating data visualizations, maintenance predictions, inferences, and other AI-powered analytics reports with greater agility and domain intelligence.

industrial Generative AI copilots

Improve communication across enterprise divisions and teams with integrated analytics features that enable efficient and productive collaborations, while eliminating operational obstacles.

Share resulting analysis and research with peers and colleagues that is tailored to individual roles without the need to reproduce workflow of calculations, model configurations, or generating reports and visualizations.

iris workspace Intelligent collaboration

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Prescriptive analytics for critical assets, systems, and processes.

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Advanced AI for critical assets and processes.

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Vision inspection and quality augmented with AI

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AI-enabled production batch optimization and quality.

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Improve operational excellence, quality, and compliance.

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Maximize output and guarantee product quality and safety.

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Ensure optimal assembly line functioning and resolve issues quickly and effectively.

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Meet compliance regulations, manage safety risks, and operate efficiently