Scalable analytics at speed

Bringing together source data, statistics, scalability, and compute horsepower, we are able to provide a significant competitive advantage on day one and beyond.

Intelligent tools to realize value

Simplified functions tailored to consumer credit and macroeconomic modeling

Customer validated statistics library

Construct powerful analytics effortlessly with expert guidance from industry leaders.

Automate model validation

Discover coefficients and automate model tuning exercises

Avoid bias and edge cases

Our team of experts will help you identify hidden sources of potential bias and explain common edge cases across datasets

Enabling any type of analytics

Descriptive analytics

What drove the performance of my investment portfolio?

Diagnostic analytics

Why are some investments outperforming others?

Predictive analytics

How will changing home prices affect the performance of my portfolio?

Prescriptive analytics

Which of the available bonds should I invest in to maximize returns?

Credit and prepay modeling

Gain a competitive edge with advanced delinquency/roll rate analysis and comprehensive insights. Effortlessly calculate CPR, CDR, and unlock RMBS zip-code level analysis for unemployment, HPI, and credit trends.

Portfolio analysis

Analyze and unlock the full potential of your portfolio. Seamlessly run comprehensive historical analysis and compare performance against cohorts for unparalleled insights and strategic decision-making. 

Auto loan insights

Optimize your auto loan strategy. Monitor loan shelves against your portfolio for enhanced performance and strategic growth.

Consumer credit

Unlock insights into strategic default by geo and enable cohort building. Access full-file Experian trade line and consumer attributes data for enhanced portfolio planning.

consumer credit