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Manufacturing Workflow Intelligence

Next-gen manufacturing operations management driven by hybrid architecture, intelligent data, intuitive UX, and seamless composability.

Achieve peak operational efficiency

  • 30%

    Reduction in cycle time. Slash cycle times through data-driven orchestration with real-time insights, predictive analytics, and streamlined workflows.

  • 100%

    Traceability of production processes. Track and trace every operational component, product, or batch, ensuring highest quality and regulatory compliance.

  • 25%

    Increased resource utilization. Real-time monitoring and predictive analytics enhance scheduling of resources, production rates of equipment, and material allocation.

Where systems drive operational excellence, the collaboration with SymphonyAI industrial has helped us capture data critical to the development of cutting edge solutions that know how to harness data for value”

Sthitie Bom Senior Director, Factory Controls, Analytics, and Reporting at Seagate

Elevate manufacturing operations

Improve Performance, Tracking, and Quality Assurance

Manufacturing Workflow Intelligence
Enhance Operational Efficiency with AI-Driven Automation

Reduce operational costs, enhance production time, minimize waste, and improve overall product quality by removing traditional paper-based manual processes and replacing them with strategic automated workflows through AI-driven tools and technologies.

Improve material handling processes under demanding circumstances and ensure seamless traceability and optimized resource allocation, while achieving peak efficiency in material handling, from origin and receiving through to processing, assembly, and packaging.

Gain valuable insight and control that increases efficiency throughout, including dispatching jobs to specific work centers with the guidance of AI-generated recommendations based on each location’s capabilities and available provisions.

Elevate manufacturing production processes with AI-driven real-time monitoring through advanced data processing, sensor and visual information, and predictive trends and recommendations. Rapidly detect issues, reduce defects, and ensure every product meets the highest standards of excellence.

Composable workflow solution with operational insights, predictive analytics, asset tracking, and performance alerts.

Drive consistent operations across the enterprise. Edge-driven deployments provide tailored workflows for individual sites and production lines. Enterprise system management provides centralized governance to manage deployments at scale. Optimize performance in real-time with recommendations from IRIS Copilot.

Established connectivity to more than 100 industrial protocols, sources, and equipment, enabling real-time data sharing and accessibility.

Data orchestration and pipelines automate the management and coordination of on-premise, hybrid, or cloud-native workflows. Efficiently organizing, processing, and transforming data from multiple sources allows full data accessibility for analytics and business intelligence. Seamlessly convert protocols, no coding required.

Industrial Connectivity

Adapt to business changes by continuously integrating new models, processes, and workflows with the assistance of powerful AI tools and libraries.

Implementing a composable deployment approach allows for incremental enhancements to operations, avoiding the traditional, rigid monolithic MES model.

This flexibility supports a dynamic and responsive production strategy, keeping operations aligned with evolving business demands.

Rapidly deploy, replicate, and scale tailored workflows across sites with centralized oversight and control.

Iterate and publish modifications without causing disruptions while streamlining the workflow process, ensures continuous optimization and adaptability, achieving and maintaining peak efficiency and agility across entire industrial and manufacturing enterprises.

Lightweight Workflows

Gain comprehensive oversight of all deployments across all divisions with advanced reporting on system and asset health.

Full visibility into connectivity, activity, and arising issues enables proactive management to quickly resolve system issues.

Self-aware asset monitoring with user alert capabilities ensures that potential problems are detected and addressed before they impact operations, fostering a stable and reliable production environment.

Manufacturing Workflow Intelligence

Enhance and extend production capabilities with IRIS copilots to provide real-time insights, alerts, and recommendations.

Easily navigate production constraints, receive suggestions for alternative scheduling or material allocation, and swiftly adapt to ever-changing production requirements.

Industrial copilots empower teams to make informed decisions, optimize processes, and maintain the highest level of responsiveness in a constantly shifting manufacturing landscape.

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AI-enabled production batch optimization and quality.

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Improve operational excellence, quality, and compliance.

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Maximize output and guarantee product quality and safety.

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Ensure optimal assembly line functioning and resolve issues quickly and effectively.

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Meet compliance regulations, manage safety risks, and operate efficiently