AI-based shelf intelligence: The category manager’s real-time eye on in-store execution

12.02.2021 | By SymphonyAI team

Creating customer-centric planograms that are designed to meet your unit, revenue and profit goals for a given category across all zones or stores is an art unto itself. But even if you’re leveraging the best AI-based clustering, assortment, and space tools available, a retail category manager can never fully control – or even know – how accurately the planogram is being executed in each store.

Until now. With the recent acquisition of ReTech Labs, SymphonyAI now offers shelf intelligence for retailers with detailed AI-based image capture and recognition that instantly identifies even micro-level variations from the planogram at the individual store level. Working closely with category managers during our nearly 20 years of delivering science-driven AI for retailers, we’ve created the most agile, easy-to-use solution. It’s as simple as clicking the camera from a tablet in the store – and Shelf Intelligence instantly reconciles the prescribed planogram with the actual ‘realogram’ in that store at that moment.

Instant Out-of-Stock and Non-Compliance Insights – for Instant Remediation

No matter where you’re located, as a category manager you get instant, comprehensive insight into a category within any aisle. The in-store images are compared with the most current data to identify exactly which products are actually on the shelf and any out-of-stocks or out-of-compliance shelf conditions. Armed with these critical insights, you can collaborate with the store to restock or adjust a shelf area to best comply with the planogram and position your category to both satisfy customers and achieve financial targets.

Optimized Promotion Execution

And it’s not just shelf stock items that are analyzed. Shelf Intelligence also looks at shelf tags, promotional materials, clip strips and other specified promotion-related items to ensure that promoted items are optimally presented and that you get the full benefit of manufacturers’ trade funds on offer, driving up trade fund ROI by as much as 30%. And you can effectively collaborate with your CPGs to maximize sales with current, accurate intelligence at the store-item level. You can also track speed to market for promoted items as well as valuable new product introductions (NPIs).

Make the Future Even Better

Not every variance from the planogram is necessarily bad. What if the realogram reveals opportunities to increase unit sales, category revenue and profits, or reveal insights on a newly introduced item?  The seamless Shelf Intelligence platform can work the other direction to reverse engineer the realogram into a planogram. It’s simple with Shelf Intelligence to recommend actions and revise your merchandising strategies, sharing more timely and informed recommendations to maximize ROI on each and every shelf, whether across one zone or throughout all stores.

Shelf Intelligence can be used standalone by any retailer or CPG, but its ability to integrate with SymphonyAI category planning and management solutions gives category managers a full end-to-end capability, from initial analysis and optimization at a category level, through execution, real-time planogram monitoring and remediation to address gaps.

To learn more about the full range of capabilities and benefits offered by Shelf Intelligence, I warmly invite you to register for our upcoming Webinar, “Know Your Shelf: Getting Store Execution Right in 2022.”  You can also read our product sheet, and of course we’re happy to get in touch for a personalized conversation any time – just fill out our brief “Contact Us” form.

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