Understand your customer. Create satisfying shopping experiences. Deliver on plans and promises. Empower the retail enterprise to meet and exceed customer needs and financial goals from consumer science to the shelf.

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Symphony RetailAI is building the leading enterprise AI SaaS solutions for category planning and supply chain optimization that drive revenue and profit growth for retailers.

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Retail Solutions

Optimize supply chain performance, drive better category and space planning decisions, and deliver a personalized customer experience with breakthrough AI-powered SaaS solutions.

Retail Platform

Symphony RetailAI solutions deliver prescriptive insights and recommendations to modern retail organizations. The pre-packaged AI-powered solutions leverage unique CINDE predictive intelligence and EurekaAI platform capabilities for data and AI to uncover insights, make decisions, and execute customer-centric retailing strategies.



Business Enterprise Solutions

Revenue Growth Optimization
Category Planning Optimization
Predictive Supply Chain Optimization

Eureka CINDE Predictive Intelligence

Predictive Customer Behavior Models
Dynamic Segmentation, Transferable Demand, & Other Predictive Models
Contextual Intelligence
Natural Language Search & Alerts

Eureka AI Platform

AutoML and Explainable AI
Unsupervised/Supervised Learning
Low-Code / No-Code Application Development
MLOps & Model Management

Eureka Data Platform

Data Integration & Planning
Data Cleansing & Transformation
Democratized Data Preparation
Semantic Data Management


E-commerce and POS
Promo and Price
Competitor and Price
Customer Demographics
Market and Panel
Contextual and Unstructured
Supply chain and Logistics


Increased Forecast Accuracy With AI learning for the truest demand predictions


Waste Reduction Reduce overstock and days on hand


Revenue Growth Millions in growth across all areas from space to assortment


Optimized Assortments 17% of all SKUs are unnecessary – millions in margin


Uplift in Promo Revenue Through AI deep-learning promotion optimization


Higher Trade Fund ROI From better POG compliance and lower out-of-stocks


Personalized Marketing ROI >10% participation & redemption rates w/ AI offer bank

Awards and Recognition



Symphony RetailAI counts half of the top 30 global retailers as customers, with more than 1,200 customers across 70 countries