Industrial Unified Namespace

Unified Namespace:
Unify, Simplify, Amplify

Contextualize all industrial data and insights
in one space and scale industrial AI use cases.

unified namespace

Using unified namespace (UNS) for industrial AI

Using unified namespace

Scaling AI in manufacturing settings requires vast amounts of siloed data to be contextualized and structured for training machine learning models, making predictions, performing analytics, and automating the decision-making processes.

Unified Namespace provides the industrial data foundation to easily access and structure data, simplifying the data pipeline for AI applications. UNS eliminates the data silos across messy, diverse, and high-volume industrial data sources, overcoming the challenges industrial organizations face when integrating, processing, and preparing industrial data to generate insights.

Benefits of creating a UNS with SymphonyAI

Streamline the creation of a Unified Namespace with IRIS Foundry. Ensure a quick and efficient setup using asset and process templates, P&ID Ingestion, AI-powered contextualization services, and prebuilt industrial connectors. Structure data into an asset hierarchy and explore unified data through a user-friendly industrial knowledge graph. This integrated approach simplifies the complexities of data orchestration, providing a robust and open foundation for scalable AI solutions. Deploy purpose-built, AI-powered applications on top of IRIS Foundry for rapid value realization.

Asset and process template library

Streamline the integration, standardization, and scalability to structure industrial data across industrial and manufacturing enterprises. Apply the ISA-95 standard and tailor the data structure with a drag-and-drop interface.

Automated P&ID Ingestion

Automate the extraction and interpretation of diagram symbols, components, and connections. Improve efficiency and accuracy in industrial and manufacturing data foundries by converting drawing text and technical specifications into structured data models with little user intervention.

AI-powered contextualization services

Harness the power of advanced data contextualization and overcome the complexity of disparate data streams from countless industrial sources. Transform raw data into strategic data products, ensuring data coherence and relevance. Boost the efficiency and accuracy of AI-driven insights.

Pre-built industrial data connectors

Facilitate connections to various industrial assets and systems with a powerful library of pre-built connectors. These connectors enable real-time data transformations, enhance security, and precisely handle errors​. Use an MQTT broker and embrace an Event-driven architecture.

Realize value with purpose-built applications powered by a UNS

Predictive asset intelligence

Predict equipment failures before they occur, using AI models such as anomaly detection, to reduce downtime and maintenance costs by integrating data from sensors and machines into a UNS.

Predictive asset intelligence

Manufacturing workflow intelligence

Optimize production processes, product quality, and resource allocation in real-time using data from the UNS, leading to significant cost savings and productivity gains.

Real-world UNS Applications_Manufacturing Workflow Intelligence

Plant insights

Empower your entire team with powerful insights and critical industry metrics from UNS through smart interfaces. Build tailored, role-specific dashboards with a rich KPI library of common industrial metrics.

Real-world UNS Applications_Plant Insights

Proceedix® Connected Frontline Worker

Easily digitize, manage, and execute your enterprise work instructions and inspections. With mobile and digital step-by-step guidance, workers can do their jobs first time right (FTR), efficiently, and fully compliant.

Real-world UNS Applications_Proceedix Connected Frontline Worker

UNS capabilities required for Industrial AI

Data accessibility and integration

Enhance the accuracy and effectiveness of AI applications. UNS creates a common namespace for all data, accessible through an Industrial Knowledge Graph for simplified exploration. This seamless integration enables AI systems to easily access, combine, and process data from disparate sources.

Real-time data processing

Improve overall efficiency and responsiveness. Many AI applications, especially in industrial environments, require real-time data for monitoring, predictive maintenance, and immediate decision-making. UNS facilitates the real-time data flow across systems, allowing AI algorithms to operate on up-to-the-minute information.


Scale without facing significant integration hurdles. As businesses grow, so does the complexity and volume of their data. UNS provides a scalable architecture that can accommodate an increasing number of data sources and types, ensuring AI initiatives can scale across sites.


In an environment with diverse equipment and software, interoperability is a major concern. UNS addresses this by providing a common data language and interface, ensuring that AI systems can work effectively with legacy systems, IoT devices, and new technologies.

Simplified data management

With all data under a unified namespace, managing data governance, quality, and security becomes more streamlined. This centralization supports better data practices and compliance, critical aspects for any organization using AI technologies.

Unified Namespace is more than just data architecture.

UNS strengthens the capabilities of AI systems, while simplifying the organization and use cases of enterprise data. SymphonyAI’s IRIS Foundry allows building UNS to help drive operational excellence and strong competitive advantages.

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