Navigating a constantly changing healthcare landscape

Enable your pharmacy team to address any inquiry comprehensively, uncovering opportunities to cut costs, boost efficiency, and proactively address regulatory requirements.


A data-driven approach providing a HIPAA-compliant solution to quickly answer the analytical challenges of the retail pharmacy industry.

Regulated Data Environment

Our fully HIPAA-compliant solution help businesses seamlessly integrate patient and customer data, ensuring both security and peace of mind regarding patient confidentiality.

Raise the intelligence bar

Pharmacy specific out-of-the-box capabilities helps improve sales, contain costs, and streamline complex processes by removing blind spots in pharmacy operations.

Contract and compliance management

Improve medication adherence and provide contract and compliance management, identifying supplier cost savings and providing optimal care management for patients.

3600 patient & customer view

Increase revenue by linking and understanding the pharmacy customer journey across your store RX > Front-of-Store> Basket > Item to improve customer engagement and retention through marketing and personalized promotions.

Improve Operational Efficiencies

Conduct dynamic “What if” analyses that predict the impact of contract changes for improved profits. Use automated exception reporting to quantify reimbursement compliance at the Rx level. Determine which drugs have the greatest impact on your bottom line by factoring in volume, reimbursements, rebates, and Customer Lifetime Value across both Pharmacy and Front-of-Store.

pharma Improve Operational Efficiencies

Targeted category management

Develop a pharmacy specific perpetual inventory system to identify shrinkage, manage inventory by store, maintain accurate count of controlled substances, and increase turn to optimize cash flow. Measure the business impact of new generic drugs and shifts to over-the counter (OTC) availability Front-of-Store and Back-of-Store to create plans for improvement or expansion.

Targeted category management pharma

Expand Patient Engagement

Personalized care puts the customer first. Easily identify patients for mediation therapy management review. Use basket and shopping history to find affinities and increase basket size. Maximize your promotions leveraging pharmacy data that improvise total store marketing and assortment.

Expand Patient Engagement pharma

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