Customer Insights Platform (CIP)

Strengthen Business Intelligence

Enable profitable growth by unleashing the power of unified and granular insights with a single-source platform, enabling users across the organization to quickly make informed business decisions.

Customer Insights Platform

Deeper understanding of business performance through a single harmonized platform

Decision making made easy

Deliver the right product, at the right place, at the right time and price to maximize sales and profitability.

Enterprise-wide shared data

Share data across the entire enterprise, including suppliers, to provide insights to improve performance and the customer experience.

Single-source platform

One platform to identify and understand critical business drivers. Powered by retailer’s sales, operational, and financial data.

View your data your way

A centralized “version of the truth” ensures not just correct data but alignment with how you manage your business, enabling meaningful reporting and insights.

Inventory management visibility

View daily, weekly and ad-hoc time periods to monitor inventory, at the DC, store, and in transit. Allocate SKU inventory to the stores with the highest selling propensity to maximize sales growth. Monitor inventory positions to inform allocation and replenishment models.

Intuitive and straightforward executive dashboards

Updated daily to provide greater visibility to business performance. Identify product and geographic strengths and opportunities, while monitoring sales, inventory, and financial positions.

Data analyst working on business analytics dashboard with charts

Planogram reporting & analytics

Monitor and measure real-time planogram results using timely, actionable data and insights.

Access to enterprise-wide metrics

Evaluate real-time KPI measurements and diagnostics across your network, monitoring sales patterns to understand top-level demand.

Maximize shelf availability

Minimize out-of-stocks and aged inventory through more granular and improved supply chain transparency.

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