Simplify global compliance

Stay one step ahead of ever-changing regulatory requirements

Simplify global compliance with disclosures

E-file SARs configured to every jurisdiction

Access pre-configured templates through intuitive investigator workflows to make filing disclosures fast and easy.

E-file SARs configured to every jurisdiction

Automate SAR creation

Take the leg-work out of disclosures with SAR templates auto-populated with key case information, such as customer details, account and transaction summaries.

Automate SAR creation

Provide superior explainability

Evidence consistent and defendable decision-making with transparent machine learning models that justify actions taken to regulators and auditors.

Provide superior explainability

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Solution Benefits

Reduce exposure to risk

Identify and mitigate hidden risks that others may overlook thanks to advanced ML and AI models.

Reduce false positives

Significantly decrease false positive alerts, saving valuable time and resources.

Improve investigator efficiency

Streamline operations, automate manual tasks, and provide a holistic view of risk.

Future-proof compliance

Stay ahead of evolving regulatory requirements and industry standards with advanced AI.