Sensa Investigation Hub

Stay one step ahead

Monitor operational performance and optimize teams, systems, and queues with ease.


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Take a tour of Sensa Investigation Hub and discover the benefits of the administrative features.

Manage organization units, teams, investigators, and queues

Stay in control and keep operations agile with admin options that enable total operational flexibility and oversight.

Track every investigator and their activity

Understand how investigators are assessing risk and identify the potential for upskilling on risk typologies they haven’t encountered before.

Identify emerging trends

Quickly identify threats across previously disconnected business units, regional centres and siloed teams to proactively expose hidden risk.

Discover more features and functionality of the Sensa Investigation Hub

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Solution benefits

Subject-centric view of risk

Centralize and connect data from across your tech ecosystem for a truly holistic view.

Gen AI powered investigation

Sensa Copilot enables investigations to be up to 70% faster and more consistent.

Detection engine agnostic

Seamlessly integrate with any third-party detection system or data source.

Achieve total transparency

Completely auditable workflows and superior explainability ensure enhanced compliance