Performance at scale

Deploy and manage machine learning models 24/7

scale performance

Centralize enterprise-wide screening

Adopt a truly cohesive approach to name and transaction screening by deploying across multi-organizational, domain, and geographic structures to streamline operations.

Centralize enterprise-wide screening

Scale with total flexibility

Enable virtually limitless dynamic scaling without compromising performance and eliminate hardware redundancies associated with batch processing.

Scale with total flexibility

Integrate seamlessly into your tech ecosystem

Connect screening with KYC/CDD and AML to unify data and enrich investigations. Being 100% data agnostic, compatibility with 3rd party systems is never an issue.

Integrate seamlessly into your tech ecosystem

Configure flexible alert handling workflows

Create workflows at the business unit level to optimize performance in line with your preferences and unique requirements.

Configure flexible alert handling workflows

Sensa Investigation Hub

Integrate screening with AI-powered case management

Unify your enterprise-wide risk and compliance tech stack and arm every investigator with a generative AI-powered assistant.


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Solution benefits

Improve detection accuracy

Identify sanctioned entities, PEPs and high-risk individuals and rapidly screen, detect and track beneficial owners and their linkages in real-time.

Accelerate investigations

Maximize investigator efficiency by automatically enriching and prioritizing the most high-risk alerts while significantly reducing false positives.

Enhance customer experience

Intelligent matching and AI-driven analytics goes beyond pure name matches to ensure real-time onboarding and instant payment processing are not hindered by unnecessary friction points.

Scalable compliance

Comply with global watchlist enforcement regulations, respond to regulatory changes in real-time, and easily configure to suit your requirements.

Financial crime prevention for your industry

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Elevate your security and compliance while advancing digital transformation with our leading solutions for AML, KYC/CDD, and watch list management.

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Reduce costs, safeguard your reputation, and meet regulatory compliance obligations with AI-powered solutions driving innovation and value.

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Financial markets

Quickly respond to evolving regulations, competitive challenges, and emerging market prospects with informed, AI-powered decision-making.

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Private banking and wealth management

Optimize investigator efficiency with solutions designed for high net-worth clients and high-value transaction environments.