Why SymphonyAI

Discover operational excellence at scale with SymphonyAI’s trusted predictive and generative AI applications for industry.

why symphonyai for industrial

Delivering business impact

  • 2-4%

    Increase in product throughput

  • 20-50%

    Reduction in unplanned downtime

  • 3-5%

    Increase in energy efficiency

Harnessing the Value of Industrial AI

Harnessing the Value of Industrial AI IRIS
Intelligent Software for Industry 4.0

Solve core challenges and efficiently scale and standardize processes across sources. With 30+ years in the industrial and manufacturing sectors, SymphonyAI deeply understands your unique data challenges. Leveraging this strong domain expertise, SymphonyAI builds solutions that ensure rapid returns and deliver tangible value with initial deployment times in 4 – 12 weeks.

What Makes SymphonyAI Different

Experts in Industry 4.0

Industrial AI software applications expertly designed by technical professionals who understand the challenges of industry and manufacturing. Delivering valuable domain-specific products and solutions, with pre-built solutions to advance and enhance workflows in manufacturing and industry.

See how our customers are realizing value.

Within just 8 weeks, SymphonyAI’s suite of standard, scalable, and composable apps tackles core industrial challenges, unlocking immediate value from enterprise data.

Reuse data and models to quickly create new applications on the IRIS Foundry Platform – a standardized, scalable data management tool that enables faster access to contextualized industrial data across multiple sites throughout an enterprise for business applications and use cases.

Deploy enterprise-specific data and use cases faster with industrial-specific libraries of asset templates, definitions, and failure modes. And with this standardized and contextualized data, a comprehensive KPI library instantly creates previously unattainable data insights.

The complete process is powered by orchestrated enterprise data and pre-built industrial data connectors in a unified namespace.

industrial unified namespace

Enhance and add value to data operations through innovative features and tools. SymphonyAI’s role-based AI copilots provide an intuitive way to explore data insights and metrics previously undiscoverable with traditional data systems and user interfaces.

Other tools and features like P&ID ingestion, data contextualization, and predictive modeling add layers of built-in intelligent logic for smarter data input, processing, and decision-making.

Future predictions from enterprise data are unlocked, such as growth rates, potential maintenance or downtimes, staffing, and other business outlooks.

AI capabilities

Work with your existing partners and easily achieve seamless deployments that integrate with your existing ecosystem, including all data sources available on-premises, through private cloud services, or hosted SaaS.

Developed on Microsoft Azure, IRIS Foundry enhances SymphonyAI’s partnership with Microsoft by merging IT and OT data on an enterprise scale through Microsoft Fabric and employs Azure OpenAI Service to empower manufacturers with role-based copilots for rapid identification and resolution of operational challenges.

composable deployment

Get hands-on with your data and experience Industrial AI