Figure of Merit

04.05.2021 | By Mark Speyers

The DLI Engineering automated diagnostic software system examines all vibration data from these ships and produces repair recommendations for several hundred machines on each ship. The repair records and follow-up reports are also kept. This system diagnoses the machine problems and makes specific recommendations for repairs. It also assigns to each machine a “figure of merit” (FOM) that is inversely proportional to the overall condition of the machine. (Some have said it should be called a “figure of demerit”). The figure of merit scale is normalized such that an FOM of 100 indicates the machine should be scheduled for repair. Higher values indicate worse conditions, and lower values indicate acceptable conditions.

The accompanying table summarizes the entire pacific aircraft carrier fleet in terms of average figure of merit of all the monitored machines from 1986 to 1992.

It is seen that at the start of the program, the average FOM is 111, and in 1992, the average FOM is less than 90. This means the average machine on any ship in the PACFLT was in need of repair in 1986, but in 1992, the average machine was in acceptable condition.









Average FOM

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