Case study

Cecabank partners with SymphonyAI to revolutionize its retail and wholesale banking security

SymphonyAI team


The Spanish bank improves team efficiency with a customizable and comprehensive solution

The challenge

Cecabank is a Spanish wholesale and retail bank specializing in securities services, treasury management, payments, and digital solutions.

They offer customers innovative, tailored financial proposals and guide customers through projects to reach the customer’s business objectives.

Cecabank’s main objective was to deploy a tailored solution that covered transaction monitoring, sanctions screening, and customer due diligence.

The bank was determined to achieve a level of customizability that would address wholesale as well as retail requirements.

The SymphonyAI Solution

SymphonyAI was able to meet Cecabank’s many challenges with a suite of financial crime prevention solutions – AML transaction monitoring, sanctions screening, and KYC/CDD – that address and account for wholesale and retail activities acknowledging the
technical, timing, and volume differences between the two.

The solutions were able to be deployed according to Cecabank’s specific business requirements, ensuring team efficiency with the much-appreciated ability of being able to investigate alerts on one screen rather than multiple windows.

The bank was particularly impressed by watchlist management capabilities within sanctions screening; the solution can be toggled to different levels, accounting for retail banking’s real-time requirements as well as wholesale banking’s higher volume of alerts.

The result

The results have allowed Cecabank to scale ahead of the wider industry, as Maria Jose Molina, Head of AML at Cecabank attests.

“SymphonyAI NetReveal has the ability to access information that is needed in a quick and efficient way, which has been very important to us over the past few years,” said Molina.

With the ever changing regulatory and supervisory landscapes SymphonyAI’s screening solution has helped to meet the bank’s new requirements. “When we started the project, we were worried about the efficiency not only of the solution but also about how much time our team would need to investigate each alert,”

Molina said. “We found it imperative that the analyst had all alerts integrated into one screen rather than three for a more efficient, effective approach. And we were really pleased with SymphonyAI’s ability to present the information in a usable format, to make our alert management a lot more efficient.

“Overall, SymphonyAI NetReveal has enabled us to reduce the time and cost of investigations without sacrificing coverage.”

The Future

Cecabank continues to engage with dedicated consultants at SymphonyAI to ensure that their teams are getting the most out of their software and are benefiting from its continuous development.

With many more exciting SymphonyAI releases in the near-future, work continues between the two companies to maximise efficiencies, and help realize Cecabank’s future objectives and innovation goals.


“We are looking forward to seeing what’s in store for new versions of SymphonyAI NetReveal, ensuring we at least keep up with – but hopefully remain ahead of – other banks. With this in mind, we are already looking forward to implementing the latest version of SymphonyAI NetReveal. SymphonyAI NetReveal has also given us a platform to explore additional capabilities based on machine learning and artificial intelligence, which is a big aspiration going forward as part of our financial crime programme.”
– Maria Jose Molina, Head of AML, Cecabank

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