Tenor Platform

Intuitive access for all

No code and low code user interfaces. ODBC, JDBC, and native API clients for popular languages. Command-line tools, Excel, Jupyter notebooks. SDKs for Python, Java, C++, VBA, R.

Coding optional. Anyone can create insights.


Casual consumers of information can easily generate insights with our no-code interface or access pre-built “QuickApp” dashboards


Comfortable with Excel? Explore petabytes of data and conduct unlimited ad-hoc analytics from the comfort of a spreadsheet


Access sophisticated modeling libraries and run complex analysis with our no-code interface or straight from the command line


Embed analytics in every business process. Develop in your preferred language. Integrate with enterprise systems and processes

The SymphonyAI Trading and Investing platform solves problems​

Visual concept showing siloed data

Inaccessible and siloed data

  • Fragmented datasets
  • Exploding data volumes
  • Vast data variety
Visual concept showing rigid analytical systems

Rigid analytical systems

  • Disconnected systems
  • Outdated technology
  • Limited functionality
heavy reliance on others

Heavy reliance on others

  • Dependency on IT
  • Limited agility
  • Governance and controls

Trillion-row spreadsheet

Experience effortless data interaction and analysis via a browser-based interface so you can unlock insights with ease and efficiency.


No-code application development environment so you can create, deploy, and share interactive drag-and-drop web-based workflows.


No-code application development environment so you can create, deploy, and share interactive drag-and-drop web-based workflows​.

Job scheduler

Automatically run and distribute data and analytics. Name your job, browse for a query, choose recipients, and set schedule. Monitor job status and receive alerts upon completion.

Technical interfaces

SymphonyAI supports a wide variety of technical interfaces for loading and extracting data, integrating third-party applications, and building new applications.


Data loading and Query APIs

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Drivers and connectors

Connect ODBC and JDBC compliant applications to our platform

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Data Science Toolkit

Everything you need to get started

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Upload and download data using our command-line tools

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Interfaces for developing applications that connect to our platform

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Excel add-in

Analyze data, upload data, and create reports directly from Microsoft Excel

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Product support

Universal calculation library

SymphonyAI provides nearly 500 functions that can provide information and act on your data.

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Documentation center

User guides, reference guides, changelogs, and full documentation and tutorials to help you gain insights from your data.

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